Wednesday, 24 August 2016

11 March 2016 - 13 March 2016 Mersing Trip

This is a picture of the Sun through a solar scope that was set up in Mersing when we visited the resort. We set the telescopes up under the hot sun near a shelter and took turns looking at the Sun through the solar scope.

13 July 2016 Astro Farewell Lunch

The teachers bought us lunch sets and we waited for a while for the seniors to complete their exams. We all ate food together as it was the Sec 4s' last astro session and we wanted to bid them farewell. They have guided me a lot, from my first astro trip to operating a telescope.

19 August 2016, RI Astronite

Many schools, including SST, were invited to Raffles Institution for Astronite 2016. We learnt about the emission spectrum and why nebulae appear red while stars appear blue. We then played a Kahoot and proceeded to stargaze.